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And Now, For Something Completely Different

Posted by "St Pauls Players" on November 13, 2012 at 9:35 PM

...by William Antley on Tuesday, November 13, 2012 at 9:11pm ·Not really, this is still The Continuing Saga Of The Itinerant Thespian


I just decided to use a different entrance, kinda came in sideways on this one through the basement door.  Hit my head on the doorframe too, OUCH!  The doorframe didn't do so well either.


Anyway, we've done two more rehearsals for "Once Upon A Christmastime" and they were a bit more intense than usual.  Well, what can you expect?  We're coming down to the wire as performance is only a teensy bit more than two weeks away.  Actually, 16 days will be our last rehearsal, and a dress rehearsal at that, then it's Showtime!  And for the record, I absolutely DO NOT look good in a dress.  Makes me look too "hippy" if you know what I mean.  But then again, I can make a really good hippie ya know. 

"Right man, that is so intense it's righteous.  Hand me the chips, I got the munchies man."

Sorry 'bout that, Cheech and Chong snuck in for a bit there.

I've got to be honest for a little while here, actually I'm very honest but it's a literary thing and I am a writer don'tcha know.  Anyway, I find that I am frustrated at times with how I'm performing, my voice really.  I've been dealing with a hairball since July that has now morphed my voice into something that I've never had before, really raspy and scratchy just about all the time.  I've heard it called a "whiskey voice" that, as I have been informed, is the result of being in the presence of alcohol and tobacco for long periods of time that cause a voice to turn to what I have now.

Mine is actually the result of something else but, I still have to deal with the rasp when I speak.  I know I will have my proper voice come showtime, no worries anybody!  Now, my singing is still fantastic as it has always been, kind of in a Jim Nabors sort of way!

I did my solo, yes the one I keep talking about; well, writing about, and the response was just what I expected and was working to produce.  Some of the women there at rehearsal started crying as I was singing my lament to Tiny Tim.  That is so sweet and so awesome!  That is such an incredible applause I am so humbled by it.  Thank you all very much!

Back to reality now, I'm still tripping over a few of my spoken lines and that is to be expected at present.  All of us are putting forth some serious effort to get this thing right, we have an audience we must not disappoint!  We still have a couple of days before we go live...

...Yikes!  We're going live and soon!  Man, I have so got to get my act together!  Sleepless nights for certain!

OK, enough of the OCD episode, we got work to do.

I found out Monday that the child who was originally going to portray Tiny Tim is not going to be working with us.  Originally I was informed we had a new Tiny Tim to ride around on my shoulder and/or arm but I just found out through the wonder of instant messaging that this young actor and his family have decided to decline the invitation.  Not a problem really, they want more time together outside of theatre and we have one or two other children to consider.  Well, if worse comes to worse, I could possibly recruit a Muppet or two to help out.  Now, which Muppet would I choose if I could choose a Muppet?  My favorite has always been Sweetums but, he's as big as I am.  well, I think I'm a little bit bigger but still, not the best choice even if I can carry him around like he's a little bitty thing.  Then there's Kermit's nephew Robin, he'd be easy to carry around but tough to see being as small as he is.  And if he gets "froggy", I might step on him if he jumps down.  Did I just say froggy?  Sorry, about that, bad pun.  No worries still, there will be a Tiny Tim, there's always a Tiny Tim!

Heard something different, but nice, at last rehearsal.  I'm being conceited here y'all!

I decided to lend my voice to the cast on stage for some of the songs by singing from the wings but, Paula wants us to be singin' in the wings anyway, gettin' into the sing of things here y'all.  What I heard, and I could be very wrong, was that the cast found a stronger voice in themselves when I joined them from the wings and sang much better than they had been.  They were really good to start and became better later.

See, conceited.

Still, I and others who are not onstage during songs will be singing along to lend support as required.  We're a team and we work together right?  Yeah, we work together!

Next will be another two nighter of rehearsals next week then it's "crunch time"!  The final week before show!

Hey, that sounds like a song I've heard somewhere or other once before.  I think Europe was the performer of that one, right?  Hey, there's that right again, what's it doing here so much?

Tech week, as that week is properly known at least by the regular players; I'm an irregular player ya know, will be intense, a concerted effort, an effort in and of itself, potentially troublesome at times, certainly fun and a serious commitment.  Theatre is not for wimps y'all!

With the effort we're putting into this production, this show will be something to remember, and I mean that in a good way!

Don't know about tickets and such yet but, I'm sure the information will be available soon enough, I know there are a lot of people wanting to be at this show.  Gettin' closer, keep the faith!

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Reply Tracy Davenport
9:59 PM on November 13, 2012 
I see that nobody is responding to your blog- that just won't do. So, I will step in to see if we can get the ball rolling here.

As a voice instructor, I am interested in hearing more about this "rasp" in your voice you say you have had since July and what factors you believe contribute(d) to it. I can give you some specific remedies and exercises to help you if you would like. Since this is my first time working with you I do not know what your "normal" voice sounds like. Let me know if you want some tips.

To comment on some other things you said- "Theatre is not for wimps y'all!" I totally agree. We all at this point need to step it up and bring our A game! I have complete confidence that this show will be something to remember, as you said and we can make that happen!

As far as a Tiny Tim- sorry he has left us- which is a completely different story- I think you should use the muppet that plays Tiny Tim in "A Muppet Christmas Carol" - I never knew his "muppet" name-but it is probably Robin that you are referring to.

I hope my comments will lead way to some more- you've worked hard to give us a blog!
Reply Gloria
8:37 PM on November 21, 2012 
No muppet needed! Pierce is excited to do his first show without his sisters. LOL His last performance was as Augustus Gloop in Willy Wonka and his older sister performed the role of his mom, Mrs. Gloop. Before that, he was the Taxi Driver in "Annie Jr" and both his sisters performed in that as well and there are many more. So this is his first production without his sisters. I'm going to be working with him on using that cane before he gets himself to the point that really is going to need it and cause someone else to have an accident. I was so happy to see some of the actors from the last SPP production we were involved with "Give a Heart a Home" and actors from previous theatre productions. I think this will be a great SPP performance!