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October 30, 2012

Posted by "St Pauls Players" on October 30, 2012 at 10:20 PM

Let's try it this way. Notes is being cantankerous and will not let me write and publish to My Notes again. I'll put it up on my wall and maybe I can put it in Notes at some point in the future. This as happened before, I wonder if it'll ever get fixed right so that I don't have to fight with it so much?


Back to "Once Upon A Christmastime". With an "I can't believe I actually did that" for a real goofball episode today.

I got all mixed up as to which day it was today and after work, I went to St. Paul's intending to participate with rehearsal. I got there and the doors are locked so, I do what I've done before, ring the bell, hear the buzzer, open the door and go into the auditorium.

I noticed that the tables and food warmer were back at the front of the stage and the piano is pushed up against the platform. Being the Boy Scout that I am, I move the tables out of the way, put the food warmer off to the side and move the piano out away from the stage and platform so that we can perform our blocking without having to dodge the piano.

I take a seat at a window just to watch who ad what is passing by while waiting for others to show up. I also realized that for this evening's rehearsal I was going to be "off book" whether I wanted to be or not, I left my script and materials at home this morning when I ran out of the house very late for work. No worries, I got most of it learned anyway and when I don't remember something, I'll look from someone else's script

After a few minutes of watching out of the window and noting that I have not yet seen anyone else from the cast, I come to the stunning realization that today is NOT a rehearsal day. Such a dummy! I then proceeded to put everything back the way it was before I came in and totally goofed up everything. That was pretty bad, normally I'm not that dumb. I guess today was just an exception, I hope tomorrow I don't do something this crazy again anytime soon. Talk about embarassing

OK, to the REAL rehearsals! Sunday was a good day, we went through the second half of the show a couple of times and were making good progress. Blocking was falling into place, music was coalescing and acting was becoming natural. We were working without a few of us but, hey, it's theatre and stuff happens occasionally. I got to do my solo and it ain't too bad. At the first I was only able to do the first part of it as Robin, our musical director, was not aware that the song had been altered. No worries, John will take care of that for her I'm sure.

Last night we were again working a little short handed, some of us just couldn't be there for other commitments. My stage wife and her daughter were at either their rehearsal for a show or a performance of that show. I think it was a rehearsal but, it's alright, Paula stood in and what kids we had did what they could.

One word about kids, I've said something about having to be diligent in watching for kids being in my way during rapid transits. I just can;t seem to get away from it, if there's kids there, I'm almost running over them, can't seem to shake that. No worries, it's just something that will happen and, being as big as I am I just step over them instead of running over them, ya know? We'll get it all worked out!

Monday night we ran through the entire show from stem to stern with minimal stopping. Well, as minimal as it could be. We did have a treat, well I thought this was a treat. Robin could not be with us this evening so she got us another pianist to work with us. An exceptional musician, Bill Johns and I do mean exceptional. This man can play a piano! His style is very different from Robin's such that our rehearsal sort of changed tenor, a bit more electrified than it has been. I'm probably not explaining it very well but, rehearsal went a little bit differently than it has been, not a bad different but different. Sorry, that's the best I can get right now. Probably when Robin is back, we'll keep that energy we had and move the show to a new plateau and make it better than we have been.

I got to do my full solo tonight, with the acting that comes before the singing. I did alright but, once I have the song firmly in place, the acting will take on a whole new dimension when I can involve everyone else in the emotion of this piece. I'm working on having everyone feel what I feel when I'm singing a mournful love song to my son. The lyrics are being just a little bi trough with the rhythms but, it ain't nothing but a thing. A couple more run throughs and it will get into place and be a grand piece to sing. I'm betting on a high point in the show!

Hey, I can dream can't I?

Regardless, we're getting it all together. Torture test will be on Sunday when we check our costumes for fit. Not really, that'll be easy, the torture test will be the fact that we will be TOTALLY Off-Book! It's all by memory from here out and...

...I'm gonna be in so much trouble! Nah, I'll get it together. I may just have to make crib notes to tuck into various pockets and shoes and socks and elsewhere. Ha Ha Ha, just kidding. Still, learning all this information to present is going to be a bit of a challenge but, as I've told friends, I like a challenge, keeps the blood flowing!

This show is going to be so good, one for the history books!

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