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And Now, For Something Completely Different

Posted by "St Pauls Players" on November 13, 2012 at 9:35 PM Comments comments (2)

...by William Antley on Tuesday, November 13, 2012 at 9:11pm ·Not really, this is still The Continuing Saga Of The Itinerant Thespian


I just decided to use a different entrance, kinda came in sideways on this one through the basement door.  Hit my head on the doorframe too, OUCH!  The doorframe didn't do so well either.


Anyway, we've done two more rehearsals for "Once Upon A Christmastime" and they were a bit more intense than usual.  Well, what can you expect?  We're coming down to the wire as performance is only a teensy bit more than two weeks away.  Actually, 16 days will be our last rehearsal, and a dress rehearsal at that, then it's Showtime!  And for the record, I absolutely DO NOT look good in a dress.  Makes me look too "hippy" if you know what I mean.  But then again, I can make a really good hippie ya know. 

"Right man, that is so intense it's righteous.  Hand me the chips, I got the munchies man."

Sorry 'bout that, Cheech and Chong snuck in for a bit there.

I've got to be honest for a little while here, actually I'm very honest but it's a literary thing and I am a writer don'tcha know.  Anyway, I find that I am frustrated at times with how I'm performing, my voice really.  I've been dealing with a hairball since July that has now morphed my voice into something that I've never had before, really raspy and scratchy just about all the time.  I've heard it called a "whiskey voice" that, as I have been informed, is the result of being in the presence of alcohol and tobacco for long periods of time that cause a voice to turn to what I have now.

Mine is actually the result of something else but, I still have to deal with the rasp when I speak.  I know I will have my proper voice come showtime, no worries anybody!  Now, my singing is still fantastic as it has always been, kind of in a Jim Nabors sort of way!

I did my solo, yes the one I keep talking about; well, writing about, and the response was just what I expected and was working to produce.  Some of the women there at rehearsal started crying as I was singing my lament to Tiny Tim.  That is so sweet and so awesome!  That is such an incredible applause I am so humbled by it.  Thank you all very much!

Back to reality now, I'm still tripping over a few of my spoken lines and that is to be expected at present.  All of us are putting forth some serious effort to get this thing right, we have an audience we must not disappoint!  We still have a couple of days before we go live...

...Yikes!  We're going live and soon!  Man, I have so got to get my act together!  Sleepless nights for certain!

OK, enough of the OCD episode, we got work to do.

I found out Monday that the child who was originally going to portray Tiny Tim is not going to be working with us.  Originally I was informed we had a new Tiny Tim to ride around on my shoulder and/or arm but I just found out through the wonder of instant messaging that this young actor and his family have decided to decline the invitation.  Not a problem really, they want more time together outside of theatre and we have one or two other children to consider.  Well, if worse comes to worse, I could possibly recruit a Muppet or two to help out.  Now, which Muppet would I choose if I could choose a Muppet?  My favorite has always been Sweetums but, he's as big as I am.  well, I think I'm a little bit bigger but still, not the best choice even if I can carry him around like he's a little bitty thing.  Then there's Kermit's nephew Robin, he'd be easy to carry around but tough to see being as small as he is.  And if he gets "froggy", I might step on him if he jumps down.  Did I just say froggy?  Sorry, about that, bad pun.  No worries still, there will be a Tiny Tim, there's always a Tiny Tim!

Heard something different, but nice, at last rehearsal.  I'm being conceited here y'all!

I decided to lend my voice to the cast on stage for some of the songs by singing from the wings but, Paula wants us to be singin' in the wings anyway, gettin' into the sing of things here y'all.  What I heard, and I could be very wrong, was that the cast found a stronger voice in themselves when I joined them from the wings and sang much better than they had been.  They were really good to start and became better later.

See, conceited.

Still, I and others who are not onstage during songs will be singing along to lend support as required.  We're a team and we work together right?  Yeah, we work together!

Next will be another two nighter of rehearsals next week then it's "crunch time"!  The final week before show!

Hey, that sounds like a song I've heard somewhere or other once before.  I think Europe was the performer of that one, right?  Hey, there's that right again, what's it doing here so much?

Tech week, as that week is properly known at least by the regular players; I'm an irregular player ya know, will be intense, a concerted effort, an effort in and of itself, potentially troublesome at times, certainly fun and a serious commitment.  Theatre is not for wimps y'all!

With the effort we're putting into this production, this show will be something to remember, and I mean that in a good way!

Don't know about tickets and such yet but, I'm sure the information will be available soon enough, I know there are a lot of people wanting to be at this show.  Gettin' closer, keep the faith!

The Continuing Saga of the Itinerant Thespain

Posted by "St Pauls Players" on November 6, 2012 at 11:20 PM Comments comments (1)

The Continuing Saga Of The Itinerant Thespian, Nov. 4th and 5th 2012.

Another set of magnificent rehearsals for “Once Upon A Christmastime”!

We began being “off book” as best we could Sunday evening and moreso Monday night. I cheated a little bit, I had my script but I would run over to the table where I set it and go over lines and notes and cues every chance I could so that I can learn this show as well as possible.

We did do our vocal warmups with some most imaginative exercises. Then we got to the challenge exercise. The kids are trying real hard to run away with this one singing their alphabet so fast that they wound like a blur looks. Does that qualify to qualify? I had decided earlier to accept a challenge I had received from Anna and Skyler so, I attempted to sing the alphabet exercise backwards. The rhythm I was using to do this did not match the rhythm the forward exercise uses so, I had some difficulty singing the letters. When we neared completion I “casually” made a comment about singing the alphabet backwards and Tracy Davenport asked if I really could do that so, I did! I sang the alphabet backwards and I have now raised the bar on that exercise! Now it’s a real contest! More about exercises later.

My biggest concern is my solo where I sing a song of mourning to my son Tiny Tim Cratchit. I spent Saturday and Sunday forcing memorization and gave the first performance Sunday evening. Complete and total lockup, I couldn’t get past the first two lines of the song to save my life. I had to use the score for that run but, I managed to just use it to find the first word then go from there until I reached the next choke point then, do it again. I managed and tripped over a few spots but I finished it and found where I need to concentrate and improve. It’ll happen!

Sunday’s rehearsal I made the acquaintance of my stage son, Tiny Tim, portrayed by young Matthew Davis. A cute wee tyke for certain, his parents should be proud! I asked him if he would like to ride around on my shoulder and he readily agreed. OK! I explained everything I was doing with him to keep him from becoming fearful of being so high up off the ground but, I didn’t need to worry, he’s a trooper!

I put him up on my shoulder, he got a grip and we proceeded through our blocking for the first scene where I carry him across the stage front and I greet Fred, Olin Jenkins in disguise, then he and Tim shake hands which requires Matthew to remove one of his hands from his hold on me and, he does it admirably well. This kid is good!

Later we work the scene where I carry Tiny Tim into the house after church and he is riding on my arm this time. We’re just doing something different to keep from being stale. Right?

After his big line, we don’t work together anymore until the end but, a soon to be scene is my solo. The one I didn’t do so well with as I recorded. Never fear, it gets better!

Sunday was also costume check. Mine did not fit, no surprise really since I’m so much above average in every way. Yeah, I’m a biggun! Coat was a snug fit, mostly across the shoulders but usable and the slacks were nowhere near what I can wear. Fortunately they will be resized to fit a little better.

Monday rolled around like a Monday but, who are we trying to kid here? It’s a Monday!

We were also supposed to be doing some publicity photos and only Ebenezer Scrooge and Bob Cratchit showed up for the shoot. More on that later.

We began with vocal warmups and Paula had us doing the “projection” exercise we had done earlier but, with a twist. I was placed on the kids team against all the rest of the adults. Gee, I’m back at Grandma’s house on Thanksgiving day sitting at the kids table again. Just kidding. But I bet you smiled or laughed or something right?

The first half of projection we did the half a word/phrase back and forth with as much projection as possible. I was louder/stronger than everyone else as usual. But, I did have the kids helping me there. I wonder how well I could do if it was just me against everyone else. Can I be louder and stronger than all of the rest of us? Interesting conundrum I’d say. Worry about that later.

The second half we would, one at a time, project the full length of the auditorium to one person who would return a projection. The phrases used were “How Are You Today?” replied with “Very Well Thank You”. One person to one person than move to the next pair each time until we finished. Then we traded phrases and started at the opposite end of people projecting in reverse. There’s that backwards thing again, might have to watch that, I might get into some trouble with it. Trouble! With a capital “T”, that rhymes with “P” and that stands for Pool!

Sorry about that, flashback to another era.

We began at the beginning, can’t really start at the end now can we? And ran the show until about halfway into the second act. I did have to fly solo this time since Tiny Tim was not able to be with us. I soldiered on and bore the load as best I could. Sounds so noble right?

I sang my solo a lot better Monday night than I did Sunday night, I only messed up one single line of lyric but, I did it twice. And it was the same exact line to boot! Still need to work on it.

We’ve not done too many full run throughs but I am noticing that all of us are improving in an impressive manner, we are getting better at this. Blocking is becoming smoother, singing is being better vocalized with firmer grasp of tonality and musicality. I need some more work though, should not have missed that one line twice like that. No worries, it will be better very soon.

Had a couple of folks make it to rehearsal who had had to miss a few, we’re coming together much stronger now. No problem, we so have this and under better control too!

After we finished rehearsal, Ebenezer Scrooge and I, portrayed by Joe Roof and William Antley respectively, had a publicity photo shoot. Look to John W. Henry for copies or postings or displays or you get the picture. Sorry, bad pun. If you’re on FaceBook you can see the pictures on his wall or on mine, click on photo albums or photos, one of them will get you there. Or visit the Players website and there will be information there.

As Bob Cratchit now, and with an English or New Zealander accent I can’t decide which, if you and your family would like a fun evening of fine entertainment with a strong Christian message to appreciate, come and see The Saint Paul’s Players presentation of “Once Upon A Christmastime” playing ONLY on November 30th, December 1st and 2nd. Limited run people, you so do not want to miss this show!

October 30, 2012

Posted by "St Pauls Players" on October 30, 2012 at 10:20 PM Comments comments (0)

Let's try it this way. Notes is being cantankerous and will not let me write and publish to My Notes again. I'll put it up on my wall and maybe I can put it in Notes at some point in the future. This as happened before, I wonder if it'll ever get fixed right so that I don't have to fight with it so much?


Back to "Once Upon A Christmastime". With an "I can't believe I actually did that" for a real goofball episode today.

I got all mixed up as to which day it was today and after work, I went to St. Paul's intending to participate with rehearsal. I got there and the doors are locked so, I do what I've done before, ring the bell, hear the buzzer, open the door and go into the auditorium.

I noticed that the tables and food warmer were back at the front of the stage and the piano is pushed up against the platform. Being the Boy Scout that I am, I move the tables out of the way, put the food warmer off to the side and move the piano out away from the stage and platform so that we can perform our blocking without having to dodge the piano.

I take a seat at a window just to watch who ad what is passing by while waiting for others to show up. I also realized that for this evening's rehearsal I was going to be "off book" whether I wanted to be or not, I left my script and materials at home this morning when I ran out of the house very late for work. No worries, I got most of it learned anyway and when I don't remember something, I'll look from someone else's script

After a few minutes of watching out of the window and noting that I have not yet seen anyone else from the cast, I come to the stunning realization that today is NOT a rehearsal day. Such a dummy! I then proceeded to put everything back the way it was before I came in and totally goofed up everything. That was pretty bad, normally I'm not that dumb. I guess today was just an exception, I hope tomorrow I don't do something this crazy again anytime soon. Talk about embarassing

OK, to the REAL rehearsals! Sunday was a good day, we went through the second half of the show a couple of times and were making good progress. Blocking was falling into place, music was coalescing and acting was becoming natural. We were working without a few of us but, hey, it's theatre and stuff happens occasionally. I got to do my solo and it ain't too bad. At the first I was only able to do the first part of it as Robin, our musical director, was not aware that the song had been altered. No worries, John will take care of that for her I'm sure.

Last night we were again working a little short handed, some of us just couldn't be there for other commitments. My stage wife and her daughter were at either their rehearsal for a show or a performance of that show. I think it was a rehearsal but, it's alright, Paula stood in and what kids we had did what they could.

One word about kids, I've said something about having to be diligent in watching for kids being in my way during rapid transits. I just can;t seem to get away from it, if there's kids there, I'm almost running over them, can't seem to shake that. No worries, it's just something that will happen and, being as big as I am I just step over them instead of running over them, ya know? We'll get it all worked out!

Monday night we ran through the entire show from stem to stern with minimal stopping. Well, as minimal as it could be. We did have a treat, well I thought this was a treat. Robin could not be with us this evening so she got us another pianist to work with us. An exceptional musician, Bill Johns and I do mean exceptional. This man can play a piano! His style is very different from Robin's such that our rehearsal sort of changed tenor, a bit more electrified than it has been. I'm probably not explaining it very well but, rehearsal went a little bit differently than it has been, not a bad different but different. Sorry, that's the best I can get right now. Probably when Robin is back, we'll keep that energy we had and move the show to a new plateau and make it better than we have been.

I got to do my full solo tonight, with the acting that comes before the singing. I did alright but, once I have the song firmly in place, the acting will take on a whole new dimension when I can involve everyone else in the emotion of this piece. I'm working on having everyone feel what I feel when I'm singing a mournful love song to my son. The lyrics are being just a little bi trough with the rhythms but, it ain't nothing but a thing. A couple more run throughs and it will get into place and be a grand piece to sing. I'm betting on a high point in the show!

Hey, I can dream can't I?

Regardless, we're getting it all together. Torture test will be on Sunday when we check our costumes for fit. Not really, that'll be easy, the torture test will be the fact that we will be TOTALLY Off-Book! It's all by memory from here out and...

...I'm gonna be in so much trouble! Nah, I'll get it together. I may just have to make crib notes to tuck into various pockets and shoes and socks and elsewhere. Ha Ha Ha, just kidding. Still, learning all this information to present is going to be a bit of a challenge but, as I've told friends, I like a challenge, keeps the blood flowing!

This show is going to be so good, one for the history books!

Research for The Angel Band

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Research for The Angel Band, Part of The Continuing Saga Of The Itinerant Thespian by William Antley on Tuesday, October 16, 2012 at 10:50pm

·Beginning research about the Angel Band or Angel Chorus.  I exercised my google-fu and found numerous references to a musical group named “The Angel Band”, a trio of women who provide their style of music.  Personal opinion here, I listened to a bit of their music and I was not impressed nor did I like it enough to continue listening after a few bars to get a feel for it.

Some other references to songs by various artists having lyrics about an angel band and some references to a church group, in Michigan I think, that provides services to battered and abused women.

I went through several pages until I found what looked to be the most promising link.  Actually, the information in the link was what I was looking for.  The information referenced Luke 2:1-20 in the New Testament of the Holy Bible.

I picked up my Bible and did my reading.  The actual reference to the angel band/chorus is at verses 13 and 14.


13  Suddenly a great company of the heavenly host appeared with the angel, praising GOD and saying,

14  “Glory to GOD in the highest and on earth peace to men on whom his favor rests.”


I looked through the four gospels for any other reference but, the only reference at all is contained in the early part of Luke’s letter to Theophilus.  Searching through the concordance in my Bible yielded little else appropriate to the Company or the Chorus.


Chorus would be more appropriate, in my opinion as a chorus does not necessarily sing but does provide meaningful; spoken, acted or sung, support to action that is occurring.  In this case, after the Angel of The Lord brings proclamation of Christ’s birth to the shepherds in the field.  The chorus appears in order to give greater credence to what this Angel has spoken and to reinforce the .glory of GOD to these men.

I’m no theologian nor a very good student of scripture but, these are my impressions regarding the angel chorus.  They are a support mechanism for what is important that is occurring during the action that is being presented.


During Scrooge’s visit with the ghost of Christmas Future, the two appear at an event with the Cratchit family.  During this visit Bob, his wife and their children are mourning the death of Tiny Tim, no idea how or when he died, just that he has.  And, it is the Christmas season or even Christmas Eve or Day. And Tiny Tim is not present to rejoice this day with his family.  The Chorus would likely be in the background providing a sort of support to the family’s mourning by undergirding their lament and perhaps providing a vocal support with low key keening to express sorrow and a touch of despair for the difficult loss suffered by the Cratchits.

As with the appearance of the heavenly host to the shepherds in the field, the Angel Chorus here provides the reinforcement to Scrooge of the potential horrible event that may befall the Cratchits if he does not mend his ways.  They are also reinforcing and proclaiming to Scrooge of a result of evil behavior, in this case, the death of the Cratchit’s youngest son.  A death that was not necessary for any reason.


Fortunately, the Angel Chorus’ proclamation and warning is heeded by Mr. Scrooge and he does a complete turnabout becoming a civilized human being and, The Cratchit family never has to deal with the death of Tiny Tim at such an early age. Presumably he will endure well into his dotage.


My Third Rehearsal

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The Continuing Saga of The Itinerant Thespianby William Antley on Tuesday, October 16, 2012 at 1:11am

·My third night and everyone elses fourth night of rehearsal for “Once Upon A Christmastime” has been successfully concluded.  Sadly, I missed seeing my darling stage wife, Julie, this evening as she and my favorite little sister, Fan, were required to be present elsewhere.  No worries dear wife and Lil‘ Sis, we will meet again soon.

Back to business now.  What we did tonight was more of what was done last night, everybody singing their parts, going through their lines and learning the blocking.  I was at a distinct disadvantage tonight since I had to miss Sunday’s rehearsal due to a commitment to my own choir.  We’re preparing for our big Christmas presentation and first big rehearsal was then.. Paula, being the good sport and great director that she is, kindly allowed me the night off to attend my other rehearsal.  I had a good rehearsal, learning lots of new music and finding out I need to work diligently in order to perform this cantata as well as I know I can.  Same thing applies here too y’all!

Due diligence, attention to detail and sound dedication, not the audio work required people, the commitment part of dedication!

Hmmm, that’s a lot of Ds.  Hah, this episode brought to you by the letter “D”. Delightful, Delovely, Dedicated, there’s that word again, Diligent, Difficult(mildly), Dandy, Lion,(just checking to see if you’re paying attention), Dilettante, Hmm that may not be a good “D” word here, Dulcet, that’s a good one, Delectable(more on that later) and probably several others that have yet to come to mind.  It’s a bit late y’all, after midnight actually and I‘m winding down.

First part of rehearsal was a vocal warmup doing what was done last rehearsal, that I missed.  No worries, vocal warmups are easy.  A new warmup, well new to me since I wasn’t here yesterday, was provided where we sang the alphabet up and down a scale accelerating each repetition and moving up the scale. Our accompanist, Tracy Davenport Davis, suggested Paula use it as a competition during warmup where the junior members of the cast would compete with the adults to see who could do this exercise the fastest without skipping letters or falling out.  I inserted one of my patented quirky, quantitative, questions about, drum roll please, would the competition be judged as a group effort or as an individual effort?  And there, another episode brought to you by the letter “Q” this time.  I wonder how many of those are going to pop up out of the fog that is my mind?

Paula also had us do an exercise based on PROJECTION of the voice.  She separated us into two groups and sent one group to the opposite end of the auditorium keeping the other group at the stage.  She selected phrases that could be broken into two parts and she had us say them powerfully with our BIG voices such that the group on the opposite side of the room could hear and understand us.  My first thought was “Are you sure you want me to do this”?  Everyone found out just how powerful my voice can be and how strongly I can project it. I grew up on a farm, for a little while, and talking to people on the other side of “the back 40” was a regular thing.  We learned how to get our voices there.

Not really like that but it’s a good read, right?  And I did live at my grandmother’s farm for a couple of years sloppin’ chickens and milkin’ hogs.  Yeah I really did do this, got to ride horses occasionally too.

Back from the tangent now.

In the beginning I have minimal dialogue, basically where Scrooge’s nephew Fred comes to wish him a Merry Christmas.  I get to perform my excellent Bob Cratchit at this time and I do do it quite well.  I’ve got the accent, I know how to work the character and the blocking has been learned properly.  One issue though, Mr. Scrooge stands only barely as tall as my shoulder, I’m towering over him!  I’m once again the biggest man on the stage.  Our narrator, John Arnold, is just as tall as I am but, I’ve got him on mass, I’m a BIG fella.  You’ll see me, ya can’t miss!  Anyway, I’m wondering how to present my character to Mr. Scrooge.  I just draw inward as if Mr. Scrooge is the threat that he really is.  And I want to request a day off to celebrate Christmas with my family, not lose my job and not anger my boss.  Still, it’s kind of amusing seeing me standing there trying to portray someone who is mild mannered and meek when I’m twice the size of the person I am addressing.  Still, I pull it off beautifully!

Next we work the song describing Ebenezer Scrooge and his passionate love affair with all things monetary.  The man only thinks about money, his and how he can get more of everybody else’s.

Minor mishap this evening, in the first run through where I am to walk, in my mild mannered and meek styling, toward Mr. Scrooge and his nephew Fred, I fail to see one of the child actors sitting at my feet, my feet are bigger than he is, and…

…I step on him as I’m trying to maneuver into starting position.  Fortunately I caught myself before I put too much podiatral pressure on him, his hand actually that he had maneuvered to be under my foot as it was coming down and there was no hope of stopping its descent, and I lifted off of him just as a slight OW was forming on his lips.

I seem to be plagued by the legions of junior actors and other children of the stage that insist on being right where I need to be but not realizing that at full speed, or any speed for that matter, I just don’t stop!

Once all that excitement is done, we continue working on the musical aspect of this musical.  Did I just say that?  Ooof.

Anyway, we go through songs that all of us will be singing and mostly it goes well.  There’s still a few rough spots for some but, it’ll work out, that’s what rehearsal is for!

We get to singing my favorite song here, “God Bless Us Each And Everyone” and I work my voice seriously, improve on that soulful song of mourning I have for the loss of my son Tim.  This song needs to be a total solo so badly it isn’t funny.  Our musical director, Robin, told me the same thing!

We continue on to keep mastering our singing and it goes well, we got better as we went along.  More rehearsal and we will shine!

Afterwards I speak with Paula for a bit and discuss my idea about making my favorite song into something more than what it is.  I suggest I sing it as a total solo but, with my family providing a light ethereal keening underneath my voice, as the angel band mind you, and the remaining cast singing unison with me further under the family and I as just a shadow of my voice.  Had an additional thought (Oh dear, he’s thinking!  Run for the hills!) about during this episode where Ebenezer Scrooge is witnessing a Christmas future, he is off to one side of the stage by himself and illuminated by a single spot light directly overhead shining down to give him a skeletal or ghostly appearance.  Quite dramatic but, I’m not directing this show.  I’ll ask about this idea.

After we finish up rehearsal, this is where that “Delectable” comment comes into play, I baked a cake to celebrate John Henry’s Birthday.  It must have been good, only a small piece came home with me.

Truth to tell, I have an ulterior motive for providing baked goods.  I plan on always having a role at a theatre because everyone will insist that I bring some baked delectable delight to a show or party to have in celebration of anything or nothing, just because.

Well, it’s after 1:00 AM now, I’ve been writing for about an hour.  Seems to be ample reading material here so, y’all enjoy and, don’t be afraid to leave a comment or several.  Lets me know there’s people out there on the other side of my monitor screen.  Good Night Y’all!


Second Rehearsal

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Continuing the next adventure in the realm of the thespianby William Antley on Monday, October 8, 2012 at 9:18pm ·

Second rehearsal is now under our belts and, it was a good’un!  

We worked through the music for the production by picking out notes and learning rhythms, and a few lyrics were thrown in there for good measure.

I find the music is written in a rather simple but meaningful fashion with easy, thoughtful lyrics, gentle progressions and mostly simple rhythms.  There are a few of those rhythms where I struggle with them as they are a bit tricky but, that’s what rehearsal is for, make the mistakes now and identify them so that they can be eradicated and the piece can be perfected.

We, each of us, have our own amounts of work to do to get the music where it needs to be but, we can so do this.  There are a few songs that are significant for the vocalist performing them, what I’ve heard so far, the choices are definitely spot on!

Most of us will be singing support from the wings on many and there will be scenes involving crowds where everyone gets to merge their voices into a harmonious rendition out front.

I found one song in the bunch that I have fallen in love with, “God Bless Us Each And Everyone”, which is to be sung by the Cratchit family as a mourning for Tiny Tim’s demise in the Christmas Future witnessed by Ebenezer Scrooge.  When I first sang it I just used my usual power voice.  Then, I took a closer look at the lyrics, Paula gave us some history involving this piece and I realized the significance of this song.  I sang it the second time but changed my approach, I sang it as a mourning for my lost son with a soulful and softer voice and I believe it to be a most beautiful piece sung in that fashion.  I believe it could be made into something so much more than what it already is.  Have to discuss it with Paula and John first but still, I think it could be so much more.

We had a short rehearsal with many of us there, I got confirmation that I will have a new Mrs. Cratchit as the original actor cannot be with us for whatever reason. Julie Turner Imholz will play beside me as my stage wife, cool!

We will rehearse again this coming Sunday October 14th at 5:30pm.  I’ll see everybody who is there then!


SPP Theatre Blog

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Beginning the next adventure in the realm of the thespianby William Antley on Sunday, October 7, 2012 at 9:05pm ·

First read through of “Once Upon A Christmastime” went rather well.  It’s a fairly simple script and the music is reasonably complex but not overly complicated and, it’s really good lyrics and dialogue! Plus, it follows Charles Dicken’s “A Christmas Carol” very well and close enough that it is easily recognizable.  Not all of us were able to be present but those of us who did show up gave it the old college try.  Even those too young for college yet and those of us who are LONG graduated!  Plus everyone in between too.

I found out, through conversation with Paula, why I was really chosen for Bob Cratchit.  I’m again the biggest man on stage and I was chosen because I could easily carry the actor who will portray Tiny Tim around on one arm.  Well, that’s not the only reason but, it’s a funny reason.  I can also sing and act and dance very badly but that’s kinda beside the point.  Just the dancing is very bad, the acting and singing are top notch great!  Besides, the other reason is funnier!  ROFL!

Some more talking with Paula, I spoke about having a degree in Media Art for photography, video production, cinematography, animation, mulit-media and audio engineering.  She asked if I would help with video recording the production to make CDs but since I do not have the necessary equipment, I suggested she go with her first choice but, that I could render technical support and assistance as needed.  Plus, she asked me about set construction, I can do that.  Carpentry, painting, everything else I can do.  Masonry ain't so good though, can’t set bricks in a straight line to save my life.  May not have to worry about that anyway.

Going back Monday night to work on the music parts, learn the singing since I get to do solos and duets and group singing in this production too.  If only I could get into the barbershop quartet!

More later y’all!